Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Chicago LJ Bash

Didn't know about the Chicago LJ Bash, but it sounds good. If you make it happen, I for one will try to be there if time and money permits.

So, we have these, right?:

L.A. LJ Bash - March 22-24th

Toronto LJ Bash - August?!

Chicago LJ Bash - Oct. 11-13th, 2002?

NYC LJ Bash - In early planning stages.

Southern LJ Bash - In early planning stages.

Any I am missing? Anyone want to throw an LJ bash somewhere else in the world?!

I'm thinking of a San Francisco LJ Bash myself, and I have some useful club connections if we need a place to get down and shake thangs. I've talked to jwz at the DNA Lounge about doing a LJ event there in the future before the club even opened and he seemed receptive to the idea. I don't know whether we can get enough LJers to get the whole club, but I was thinking at one point of a larger event that will bring together LiveJournal along with the people at, The Well, Blogger, Userland, Metafilter, Slashdot, Craigslist, Bianca and other web communities, united in personal expression and severe partying, dammit! We could probably see to it that LJ users could buy advanced tix to get in before the tix are sold to the rest of the public and have a bit of a LJ-only gathering space in the club too.

I could probably take care of much of the planning with the DNA, but that would leave a huge amount of work for other events, hotels, touring the bay, and whatever else we could do. I have ideas... so many ideas... but I know much of my spare time is pretty much spoken for - we would need a few interested souls to head up much of the work. Hm. Think I will bring this conversation to sfbayareaand see whether anyone is interested.

*** Note: I just created sfljbash, a community for anyone interested in having a LJ Bash in San Francisco. If you are interested, join up! ***

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