Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

dotcom graveyard robbery

I was reading an article over at sfgate about how Webvan was really, really stupid at running their business, and found out about dovebid, where you can buy dead-as-a-doorknob dotcom dreams for pennies on the dollar, plus a 13% commission.

Their auctions can be really highend... whether you want to buy your own little PCB fab or just buy roshia textile manufacturing plant in Thomastown where she could make lovely patterned fabrics with lots of pinks, blacks, blues, and purples.

I registered to bid on the liquidation auction for BuildNyet, Family BluWonder, NoOne Warranty, and Serversoffn, seeing as how the auction will be local and I can actually *see* the items first.

I wonder what my reaction will be to seeing everything - will it be sadness over what happened to these businesses, or excitement over low prices, or disappointment over how good deals are hard to find, or will it be like looking at Imelda Marcos' shoe collection?

Hey Brad... anything I should keep an eye out for? They apparently have servers, routers, and other goodies for sale cheap. As for me, it's going to be around my birthday, so I'm hunting for a laptop.

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