Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Musical interlude...

Listening to Slowdive... dreamy dreamy. Certain people (who shall remain nameless) don't like 'em... porque?

Changed plans for the night, since I was rather exhausted... grabbed a cat nap, then went out with Kirsten to a local club instead... it was wall-to-wall Marlboro ads, replete with red shirted smoke nazis with clipboards who seemed intent on blocking my path everywhere... this really irked me no end... I mean, it was bad enough that the club had video monitors displaying glossy looking promos for HBO ads... and that they charged a mint for well drinks with dubious alcohol... but really, shouldn't they at least let people in for free if they are going to use them as lab rats for whatever Phillip Morris is cooking up next?! I mean, seriously... I like the occasional cigarette when I drink, but if I am paying $8 to get into a place, the last thing I want is a f*cking infomercial..! Yet another reason why the Silicon Valley is best experienced online...

On a positive note, we left aforementioned club within minutes and decided to try Club Savoy... a club for women who happen to like other women. It was pretty enjoyable... you can count on proper lesbian establishments having both good drinks, good pool tables and good pinball games... in this case, Addams Family.

Guess I am a purist, but I like pinball... and this game is one of the better ones, definitely. It has a good mix between old classic pinball games... with a good amount of actual skill involved... mixed with some pretty cool game features. Best of all, this particular game was built solid... wish I could say the same about the pinball game they have at my work.

Amazing to me that I find pinball so much more absorbing than video games... Then again, the video gaming industry seems idea-bereft. I like strategy games and things like Diablo II, etc... but when was the last really innovative video game?

I heard awhile back that the pinball gaming industry is dying out... I had better buy one of these puppies PDQ...!

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