Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Fresh, new friends...!

I checked out my profile for the first time in awhile and found that there are all sorts of new people who are viewing my journal now! There's army_of_me and greendragon and kundalinidreams (All aboard the Express Kundalini! Woowoo!!!) and languagehammer and orien and twinstar and whisperingwinds... um... wow. All these names... I feel like Miss Nancy from Romper Room... where's my friggin' Magic Mirror?!?! I guess I have a good excuse to read more journals!

So, yes... I do kinda like it when people put me on their friend list...!

...but should I? Is all of this about me, about you, or about us?!?

Just how nebulous are the boundaries between people?
If I share what I love with you, and if you love it too...
does that mean that there is a piece of me inside you?
Does that imply a choice on your part to make a piece of me a piece of you? Or are you following a program based on a series of synaptic connections... did you ever really have a choice at all?
Perhaps the deck was stacked... the card was forced...
Is THIS your card?!

Do we have a relationship, or what?!?! ;)

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