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The price of war...

In order to escape the U.S. bombing, thousands of refugees from Kandahar in southern Afghanistan have made the 50 mile mountainous journey to the Pakistan border, only to be turned away unless injured or Pakistani. Some Afghanis are slipping across the borders however, many of them by bribing Pakistani guards to get through.

U.N. aid workers are appealing to the Pakistanis to open the border, since they are unable to feed and shelter the refugees, many who walked the whole distance and who are without shelter and, in some cases, starving to death. UNHCR spokeswoman Fatoumata Kaba said she had been told by a senior Pakistani official that 10,000 Afghans were waiting to cross, but she could not verify the figures.

``We have appealed again and again to Pakistan to open the border. It really is very difficult,'' she said.

At Chaman, Abdul Wadood, 30, said the shopping area in Kandahar's central Madad district was badly damaged when it was struck by bombs Friday, the Muslim day of prayer.

``My two sons, aged 13 and 15, were outside in the bazaar. They were both hit in the legs, thighs and arms by metal splinters -- the doctors called it 'foreign bodies','' he said. ''But he said they will recover.''

``On Thursday night around 10 p.m. and yesterday at 2 p.m. and again last night, there was heavy bombing,'' said Mohammed Ghaus who, together with his wife and five children, crossed into Pakistan Saturday.

``The bazaar around the Keptan intersection in the city center was flattened. My neighbor's house was destroyed. That's why we left.''

Attached at the hip

In other news, the worlds oldest set of conjoined twins celebrated their 60th Birthday yesterday. When asked whether they had any regrets about how being attached effected their love life, they expressed none, claiming to have "a very close and cooperative relationship."

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