Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Culture jamming idea...

Here's something I encourage everyone to do for a bit of fun...

You know how I mentioned U.S. propaganda flyers that we're dropping on the Afghanis? Well, since the Taliban are probably hiding out in caves/mosques/people's houses somewhere and they don't have an airforce anymore, they can't leaflet us, can they?!

Does that seem fair to you?! We're Americans, dammit. We pride ourselves on our fairness. We've got to do it for them.

Here's an idea... Using the text for the leaflets I mentioned as an example, make up your own anti-U.S. propaganda leaflets that mention all the evil nasty things that the big, bad Taliban will do to us if we don't surrender. Add in a few friendly graphics or wingdings N to make things more interesting, then drop them from the highest place you can find. Oh... you might want to put a little note on it somewhere saying that it is a parody, unless you want the F.B.I. snooping through your garbage or confiscating your computer.

If you do make your own propaganda flyer, please reply back with a picture of your creation. This sounds like a meme whose time has come!

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