Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

That's me, the hummingbird man...

Looking at the pictures that this guy took of the Bay Area Weblogger User Group... (I'm trying to get them to change the name. Too blogcentric...)

On to specific pictures... Here's Robert Scoble, the illustrious founder of the group and also the marketing guy for Userland. Here's Ev from Blogger in the Black T-shirt, and here's a picture of me in my LiveJournal T-shirt, drinking mint tea and talking to shaggy, with iceblink sitting below me.

I like the comments people entered on the picture I am in...

"I'm pounding on her head, but she's not moving"
"Reminds me of that old Nintendo wrestling game in which you had that special move that allowed you to pound like that."
"Jeez, he's fast! Didjah check out his neuro-kinetics?!"

What can I say?! My neuro-kinetics are off the charts...

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