Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Tasty Handspring...

Geek, geek?!  GEEK GEEK GEEK!!

Looking at information right now on the upcoming Handspring Treo... It's a combination between a mobile phone and a Handspring Visor, with built in messaging, etc.

Very cool on first glance and certainly something I'd love to have, but I did notice several things it didn't have that I would like...

- More memory
- The ability to play mp3s
- IMAP e-mail support instead of just POP
- A lower price

You know... that's really not that much of a wish list, is it? I mean, this thing even supports Small Talk, which allows you to rapidly translate and converse with people in other languages.

You know what would make devices like this even more powerful? Phone-based services that are designed to interact with them. Theoretically, you should be able to have a built in series of phone-based services with your Treo. For instance, you would go into phone services, select voice recognition, and it would connect you to a service where you could dictate something, hang up, then have a file arrive containing the text. This, of course, is only one of the potential applications for phone-based services interacting with PDA's... I know there has to be others, and I'm sure lots of people have given it some thought in the past, but are there any services out there that are designed to work in conjunction with PDAs instead of trying (stupidly) to take their place? I'm not sure.

You know how a few years ago there was all this hype for network computers where applications would be run using remote servers? It was a dumb idea then, but doesn't it sound like a particularly good idea for small, inexpensive PDAs? If they can make phone-based apps which interact with PDAs, do you think they could stream me my mp3s too?! ;->

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