Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


A few days back, I received an e-mail out of the blue from Delirium... aka Rainy. (But you can just call her goddess... or diva... or whatever she lets you call her...!)

Delirium is a great writer and is usually quite glittery and sparkly...! We met online ages and ages ago... and despite living in the same general area, we've only met a few times... (Without meeting her previously, I somehow convinced her to leave work early and go off with me to see the Bauhaus reunion tour. Still not quite sure how I did that, but hey... I persuaded her to take two years of old journal entries and import them into Live Journal... and I noticed she even got a membership! I didn't expect that! if I can somehow get her to do all that, going to see Bauhaus is kinda small potatoes !)

...well, the point is, I have been trying to help her today with getting LJ embedded in her website, which isn't easy, since she is an HTML newbie... but she did it! Which means that you can read her here at LJ or at her website... she is a very cool person and a lovely poet... feel free to bombard her journal with flowers, voodoo dolls, cute little stars, and other things that shimmer in the night...

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