Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

improvisational cooking

Every now and then, I get the need for a bit of cooking, where I make something without any real plan whatsoever. That's how I came up with my latest creation...

Put enough water to make rice on the stove. Add in some olive oil... some hot chilli sauce... I use Sriracha... add bouillon... veggie chicken, chicken, or something like a seafood broth would work very well... put in the rice, in about a 2/3 ratio of rice to the liquid. Do everything to taste... add a bit of salt or whatevah.

Let it simmer until the extra liquid starts to diminish. Throw in some kinda protein... veggie, chicken, shrimp, mussels, scallops, black beans, whatevah. Stir until extra liquid is largely diminished. The end result is hot and spicy... somewhat Caribbean, somewhat like paella. Very yummy. Feel free top it off with something appropriate... maybe a little cheese and cilantro. Or not... just be sure to have a bit of wine when you're cooking... and if it's a tasty wine, you can always add a smidgen of that too. hehe. No better way to cook...

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