Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Burning Man Wreckage

Back from Burning Man... and I have much to do and relate. I didn't take a ton of pictures, nor did I write much of anything... I really felt the need out there not to document every last element of my experience. Burning Man is best not lived behind a camera. The LiveJournal Camp at Burning Man did VERY well for the first year, though, and I can't wait for next year. I have lots of ideas and only about 357 more days to go...

The tent was surprisingly successful and was a popular place to lounge... it even had a nice sound system and cool lighting for dancier moments, such as Daniela's birthday party or the Playa Colada party. It was a lot of fun meeting everyone... there were over twenty LiveJournalers at Burning Man this year, based on our initial count. We even had a drop in cameo by The Cocky Bastard, who nobody else seemed to know of but I... very nice of him to make an appearance. Oh... we also had a group photo done by a professional photographer with a full studio out on the playa. Very cool...

I am glad to be back though. The ride back was unbelievably torturous. The single lane road out of Burning Man is packed with relatively slow moving RVs and trucks under the best of conditions, but someone tried passing a huge long line of slower vehicles by going into the oncoming lane and hit an oncoming car, and then proceeded to create a six car pile-up. One fatality, lots of broken glass and a completely burnt out vehicle by the side of a road. Just goes to show that stupid actions are severely punished in the Black Rock Desert...

Basically, 6000+ people spent a collective three years waiting for the road to reopen. We were stuck out there so long that we might as well have just pulled off to the side of the road and camped. We got into Sparks/Reno, hit a truck stop, and got a room, driving the rest of the way today.

Still disjointed. Need sleep. Need people to unload all my crap from the back of the minivan. Just too burnt... but hi anyway! Missed you folks...

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