Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

If I was still working my day job...

I would probably help Nick with fewer immediate reservations. I doubt I will spend much of anything until I figure out just how much Burning Man is going to cost me, though. I love Burning Man, but it's not cheap making a city in the desert.

I like helping people out, but my ability to confidently do so is tied to my bank balance. Ten years ago, I would have felt rich having $500 in my bank account. Today, I get jittery if I don't have $5000. On the other hand, my rent wasn't $1650 a month and my electricity/gas wasn't $350 ten years ago either. I miss the studio I had back then. $275 a month for hardwood floors with a view. Life should be so simple again...

What I need, obviously, is a way to rationalize giving Nick $$. Perhaps if I took it out of what I would normally spend on entertainment. Hey Nick, is that DVD compilation for sale yet?!

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