Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Le sigh!

Today was lovely. Was awoken by luscious kisses, went to a pond near the wetlands to feed ducks, geese, and the occasional squirrel, returned a man's wallet and was given a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon in return, went out for yummy Thai food, had a wonderful afternoon of hot, passionate lovemaking, got in lots more cuddling and kissing, more lovemaking, and a nice, languid nap... and then had friends drop by for food and conversation on the patio.

The only negative for the day is I woke up a bit achy. Either I'm paying for a particular feat of gymnastics that felt good at the time or I fell asleep funny on one of the entirely too many odd-shaped pillows on my bed. Nothing that a bit of time in the hot tub / steamroom / sauna at the Y couldn't cure.

Life is entirely too good. I feel happy, loved, and spoiled... which, frankly, is exactly what I need and deserve from life right now. Add in a bit of regular exercise, a good diet, and a rewarding job that I can do from home and I just might make up for years of office-confined neglect.

Life is what you make of it. So, how was your day?!

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