Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A post I did on Auriea H.'s LJ.

In Auriea Harvey's LiveJournal, it has seemed at times that she is daunted by her latest project... which involves technologies that she hasn't used before. She must feel at times a lot like I do when I look at her web design... staring at brilliance and at unbelievably high standards that I probably will never match.

And you know? It doesn't matter if I ever do. I make more of myself by aspiring to be more than I am... "Will I ever get there?" is a question that is moot. There is no there there... The road only runs higher, the slope only gets steeper and more slippery... and there is always more to do. If you stand still, you slide backwards... If you want to aspire to more, you have to keep moving on. Here was my post, btw...

Your work has plenty of surprises. I personally can't wait to see what you come up with...

Your situation reminds me once of when I visited a recording studio with a friend, picked up an electric guitar (which I had never played before) and just started experimenting with it... with sound effects, with various reverby kinds of things, etc.

Within a short while, I was making this guitar sound like it was breathing... sound like a train... sound incredible... and basically sound entirely unlike anything I had ever heard a guitar sound like before. My friend, who was a guitarist with formal training, was floored... I was absolutely enthralled, in a timeless place, feeling like a conduit for the creativity and sounds that flowed through me.

Be undaunted... your ability to approach different techniques with a fresh perspective has always served you well. You were trained as a sculptor, right? I seem to remember another sculptor who only had a smattering of training as a painter... and despite his inexperience, he did just fine. Infact, he did this. You can click on the image for closeups...


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