Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

So kill me... I think it's an adorable story

...just as long as they don't turn it into the next Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan picture.

Lovers Criss-Cross World in Vain

LONDON (Reuters) - Ian Johnstone missed his girlfriend so much he flew back to Britain from Australia to propose to her. The problem is she did the same in the opposite direction.

He and Amy Dolby even managed to miss each other when they sat in the same airport lounge in Singapore at the same time to wait for connecting flights.

Dolby, heartbroken when she arrived at Johnstone's Sydney apartment to find he had flown to London, told the Times: ``It was as though someone was playing a cruel joke on us.

``He is the most romantic person I have ever known. I think our problem is that we are both quite impulsive people. We are always trying to surprise each other.''

After an 11,000-mile flight across the globe, she was greeted by Johnstone's astonished flatmate asking what she was doing there.

``The awful truth dawned when I found that Ian's rucksack and most of his clothes were missing. I sat on the end of his bed and cried my eyes out,'' she said.

Johnstone, a 27-year-old bricklayer, had taken a year off to travel round Australia. But he was missing Dolby, a 26-year-old secretary, so much he got a job on a Sydney building site and started saving for a surprise.

He then flew home to Britain and went to her apartment armed with an engagement ring, champagne and flowers.

``I really missed Amy and I'd been thinking about her all the time. I thought she was winding me up when she phoned me from Australia,'' he said.

Johnstone then asked Dolby to marry him on the phone. ``I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but I accepted,'' she said.

Dolby was given a tour of Sydney by Johnstone's friends before wending her weary way home. Johnstone had to stay in Britain for two weeks because he could not change his ticket.

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