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February, 2003 - insomnia

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Here are the subjects of all posts by user insomnia in February, 2003.

8:37amaybe this country is cursed... - 1 reply
12:50pmore on the shuttle...
6:18pThe fine art of self-delusion - 7 replies
9:35aSo, the moral is... don't trust anyone?! - 4 replies
11:40aWhat's a few heroes more or less..?! - 8 replies
4:25pA good excuse to take Valentine's Day off... - 9 replies
12:10pIt was a night out they were going to remember for a very long time... - 5 replies
6:49pLet's rest in this lovely field of poppies...poppies...poppies...poppies... - 3 replies
10:27aCurious sofas?! - 3 replies
10:54aTwo finalists for the new World Trade Center announced. - 14 replies
7:31azZz?! - 3 replies
4:13plike we didn't see this coming... - 10 replies
8:58pLivejournal = hobbled?! - 147 replies
9:08aDoes this mean that Tony Blair will get expelled?! - 2 replies
11:20aThere's one way to get the Bush administration to change their policies... - 7 replies
8:44pA bit of a congratulation, and a point towards a good site... - 3 replies
12:29aPatriot Act II -- The Empire Strikes Back - 13 replies
10:28aO'Reilly shows his true colors... - 7 replies
6:30aA poll on the Time - Europe website. - 14 replies
8:10aOh joy! - 7 replies
2:32pI didn't ask to be part of the drama... - 4 replies
11:57aOn my frustration with the Times of London... - 1 reply
12:36pThe New York Times notices -- yet softpedals -- on "wetbacks" slur - 3 replies
1:25pNo wonder he has that silly grin... - 2 replies
5:23pTweaking without drugs -- the fine art of home audiology. - 4 replies
3:41pUntitled #1 - 3 replies
5:42pLocal human shields...
6:39pOh, and just as a note... - 5 replies
3:53pLots of tension and no release... - 6 replies
4:14pAnd speaking of overseas commercials... - 9 replies
5:52pOuch. Michael Jackson's lovelife leaks out... - 6 replies
7:19aLe Help! Le Help! - 1 reply
12:21platest on "the war on terror" - 8 replies
9:09pGood news on the war front?! - 6 replies
9:58aI don't generally go to most horror movies... - 2 replies
11:47aBritain's biggest peace rally ever... - 4 replies
5:31aGoogle buys Blogger - 9 replies
4:01pBribes all around! - 8 replies
9:16pA good example of wars that are easy to get into, hard to get out of... - 2 replies
11:08aFinally, a *real*Democrat running for president! - 5 replies
1:31pMore massive protests... - 10 replies
5:23pThe Virtual March on Washington - 1 reply
1:11pZoiks, and away!
6:54aThe War Behind Closed Doors - 1 reply
7:15aObviously, the Republicans can go fuck themselves... - 12 replies
7:58aRefinery goes boom. - 11 replies
10:34aGrammar disaster... - 3 replies
5:54aSomebody's wasting the UN inspectors' time... - 1 reply
7:55aI imagine that this is the last we will hear of this... or not. - 3 replies
2:37pAn aerial view... - 18 replies
11:48pBush gags governors, kicks out the press. - 1 reply
10:19aDo you think he's against the war? - 5 replies
8:08pAmusing Mozilla reference...
10:49pIs it supposed to sound like that?! - 1 reply
6:15aCarnival in Venice. - 1 reply
5:40pSaddam's missiles - 8 replies
7:13pMmm.... - 11 replies
7:21aSpeed of light? How passe... - 12 replies
9:52aMicrosoft thinks it has gotten a clue. hahaha... - 2 replies
7:07aDon't expect to see any friends in the reserves anytime soon... - 2 replies
7:29aAmelia Earhart was polyamorous - 3 replies
10:30aWatching democratic illusions go bye-bye... - 9 replies
11:10aStill... - 8 replies
11:20a(no subject) - 19 replies
2:05pWell, that streak of non-evilness was shortlived... - 12 replies
6:31pIt's Liebskind! - 11 replies
9:39aOn McCarthyism - 5 replies
9:40aand yes... - 2 replies
3:45pSo, what's the justification going to be... - 1 reply
3:18pWhat weapons of mass destruction? - 24 replies

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